The Compact Pizza & Kamado Kitchen

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The Compact Pizza & Kamado Kitchen is designed for all garden spaces and terraces. The kitchen is designed to accommodate a range of kitchen grills and appliances, ranging from the ultra versatile kamado grill, to portable worktop gas appliances, to fixed wood fired pizza ovens.

The shelves module allows you to store essential utensils and wine bottles securely. The dropped shelf is designed so that the kamado grill is at perfect cooking height. The enclosed storage module enables you to store gas cannisters for a worktop appliance such as a portable pizza oven. The log store allows you to store logs safely for a wood fired oven or fire pit. 

The Compact Range is built from durable, low maintenance and sustainable materials. The frames are made from powder coated aluminium, designed to be extremely durable and provides a stunning finish.

The composite boards are made from recycled wood and plastic, resulting in a low maintenance solution that has an anti-rot and anti-splinter guarantee for 10 years. 

The worktops are made from durable ceramic that is UV resistant and frost resistant. These materials come together to form a beautiful, functional and durable kitchen that will be a great feature to any garden. 

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